Custom Furniture

Hilltop Furniture offers a complete line of custom furniture for all rooms of your home or office. This includes:

  • Custom Dining Room Furniture
  • Custom Bedroom Furniture
  • Custom Kitchen Furniture
  • Custom Office Furniture
  • Custom Living Room Furniture

We have captured the imagination, mood and eye of hundreds of customers.  From modern to traditional, we offer stylish and affordable furniture sets & collections for your living room, bedroom, dining room & more.  


When you create luxury furniture with Hilltop Furniture, you are guaranteed a beautiful product and a promise of quality. We specialize in the design & construction of custom high end furniture. 

From sleek contemporary designs to elegant traditional pieces, we’ll make sure every detail is perfect.



Furnish your home with a custom piece or choose from our selection of office furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen table and chairs, home entertainment, custom built bookcases, desks and much more.

We design and make custom furniture in Lancaster PA, USA. It’s something we are passionate about, which we like to think shines through in our work.


Unique pieces with a personal touch. All our furniture is built by a person, not by a high tech machine and stands the test of time.  As Amish builders our top priority is customer satisfaction.  We create all our furniture by hand with only the finest woods. The type of wood, the design, the size, and the stain color are all customized to the look you want to achieve.


Hilltop Furniture has been in business since 1990. We are a family owned business with myself and three sons that work together in handcrafting each piece of furniture to ensure the highest quality.

We are happy to speak with you about the furniture you are looking to have custom built. Call us at 717-768-8433. You will talk directly with the Amish builders that will create your furniture.

Amish Made Dining Tables

Hilltop Furniture has been in business 1990. We are Amish builders that specialize in custom furniture for your home. We have created hundreds of Amish made dining tables that are made from various high quality woods, including cherry, oak, and maple.


When you look at the picture above you will see a specific design that the client was seeking. Of course we needed to achieve a look of elegance that would continue the look and feel of the room that our Amish staff created (see below). Regardless of the type of furniture or custom work that is needed in your home, it all starts with understanding the look you want to achieve.

During our initial conversation we will ask many questions that will help us to advise you of various designs, woods, and stains that will allow for the perfect look in your home. The wonderful thing about custom furniture or woodworking is that there is no limit except your imagination. If you can think it, we can create it. By sharing your thoughts, our staff can suggest various designs until we find that exact look you desire.


When you look at the picture above you can see that our job started with the design of the dining room. The white hutch, arches, drawers and doors were all designed and created by our team. The table was designed and built around the style of the room.

When speaking with you, it is best that we have some pictures of the room, that the furniture we will be creating, is for. This will help us to suggest the style, type of wood and stain.

Keep in mind that we are able to create any type of dining table. Amish custom dining tables can be anything from a large farm table to an elegant table as shown above.

Kitchen Table

We look forward to speaking with you about your project. No job is to small or to large. Customer service and satisfaction will always be our number one priority.

Contact us now at 717-768-8433, we are happy to answer any questions you have.